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Pooches Dog Training - Carol Miller, CDT

Author of "Housetraining Success Formula"
"6 Weeks to a Better-Behaved Puppy"
"10 Simple Things Every Well-Behaved Dog Should Know"



Puppy Training

Help with housetraining, nipping, chewing, basic obedience - if you don’t train your puppy right from the start, he’ll start training you!


Basics Training

For older puppies and dogs of any age. Learn critical skills needed for a great pet - coming when called, walking nicely on leash, polite greetings, go to your bed, wait at the door, sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, and much more. Lessons are customized to address your specific needs.


Wild & Crazy Training

Similar to Basics but with a heavier emphasis on self-control for those totally nuts adolescent dogs - you’ll know if you have one of these!



Leash Lungers

Special training for those dogs who can’t walk past other dogs while on leash without going crazy.



Problem Solving Consultations

Individual sessions to work on one or two problems you are experiencing.